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The tables folded up, the seats brought into an upright position – ready for your flight back home! But all of a sudden you realize, you forgot the promised postcards to friends and relatives! Eurowings passengers can breathe a sigh of relief in this situation.

Thanks to the new cooperation with the postcard app Postando, Eurowings passengers can now send their individually designed holiday greetings directly from their smartphone to their loved ones as real postcards.


Holidays are for relaxing, so of course, you don’t always feel like taking the time to look for a unique postcard in tourist shops, to write on it and then look for a mailbox. This dilemma usually ends with the decision to send a short WhatsApp greeting or panicking at the airport trying to write ten postcards at the same time.


No anymore of this situation for passengers traveling with Eurowings: From now on, the airline gifts each passenger a free Postando postcard and each additional postcard at a reduced rate of €1.49 as an exclusive service, enabling them to send the promised postcards on time! When sending to Germany, the self-designed holiday greetings reach their happy recipients within one to three working days.


How does this work?

Travelers can download the app Postando from the App Store or Google Play Store for free and create their own individual postcard with personal greetings in just four simple steps:

Simply choose a format and use your own photos or one of the many templates, write a personal message and select the lucky recipient. Lastly, do a quick double check of the front and back before finally sending and paying.


Via Wi-Fi, the app can be used in all Eurowings planes. Passengers receive the free postcard and other discounted cards by entering a voucher code during the payment process. This code is available in various Eurowings media, in printed form in the in-flight magazine of all Eurowings aircraft, in the newsletter, in the web check-in area next to the check-in button, and in the in-flight entertainment system on your own smartphone when registering in the on-board Wi-Fi network.



Wi-Fi up in the sky

Eurowings passengers have access to three attractive Internet packages on board which are individually tailored to their communication needs and can be booked quickly and conveniently via the “WINGS Connect” portal. In order to surf online on board of a Eurowings machine, Eurowings passengers will first have to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot via their own device, for instance on their tablet, smartphone or laptop, and then access the “WINGS Connect” portal via their browser.


Since it only takes an average of five minutes to design and send a Postando postcard, there is more than enough time during the flight to send greetings to all friends and relatives. So when you are on your next holiday with Eurowings, simply send your greetings via the Postando app from the plane and lean back, while others at the airport are stressing out last minute to find suitable cards.


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About Postando

The company specialises in the simple dispatch of individual postcards and greeting cards using a smartphone. In just four simple steps, each user young or old can design their own postcard and send their loved one directly to the mailbox:

Simply choose format and use your own photos or one of the many templates, compose a personal message and select the lucky recipient. Lastly, check the front and back before finally sending and paying. Whether you are on holiday, at a celebration or birthday party, or simply want to make yourself happy, Postando is the perfect solution for all occasions. 


About Eurowings

Eurowings is the low-cost airline of the Lufthansa Group and thus part of the world’s largest aviation group. With a current fleet of 205 aircraft, Eurowings specializes in low-cost direct flights within Europe. The German airline currently offers more than 210 destinations in over 60 countries worldwide, making it Europe’s third-largest point-to-point carrier. Last year, the company flew more than 40 million passengers for the first time and its staff grew to around 9,000 employees.







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