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More than three years ago the first Kleinhafen Coworking Space opened next to the port in Kleinhüningen, surrounded by industrial charm. Since that time a great, steadily growing community has emerged. Characterized by this dynamic working environment, it is now time to broaden and explore new places. A new port has been opened in Kleinbasel.


Coworking is still a relatively new way of working for people from all sectors. It stands for collaboration, sharing infrastructure and knowledge, and generating communities on a professional and private basis. All according to the principle of the sharing economy. Kleinhafen offers not only space to work, but also a place to benefit from informal exchange within the network.


Now Kleinhafen is opening two new locations at Feldbergstrasse 39 and 47 in Basel. Not only because the demand for coworking spaces is constantly growing, but also because the new shops cover two fundamental shortcomings of the Kleinhafen on Südquaistrasse: visibility and centrality. The new shops are located on the ground floor and can therefore be seen and reached by walk-in customers.


Due to the central location in Kleinbasel with a direct connection to the railway stations, the new shops are ideal for hourly work and for all those who appreciate an office in the centre. Kleinhafen is the only coworking space in Basel that offers very low-threshold workspaces without quitting notice nor minimum duration periods.


At Feldbergstrasse 39, a dynamic, lively and uncomplicated workplace has been created as a platform. In addition to flexible working, it offers space for small events, workshops, offsite meetings, talks, lectures or film screenings. In addition, the shop windows are rented out as a pop-up platform for small, local businesses to offer visibility and physical presence.


The fix workplaces can now be found a few steps away at Feldbergstrasse 47, in the former Lady’s Bar. Here, in a spacious and renovated property, 20 workplaces are rented out per month. The space, which is accessible for coworkers 24/7, is additionally equipped with a kitchen and a meeting room, which is also rented to non-Kleinhafen members.


The steadily growing community of the Kleinhafen is moving to Feldbergstrasse and should continue to grow. 

Our «sailors» – the Kleinhafen Community is our most important capital. Kleinhafen is not only available for active coworkers, everyone is welcome to experience coworking. Collaborations of any kind are planned and wished for.


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