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Hardly anyone talks about it, but one out of two does it: Sexting (see Klettke, Hallford, Mellor 2014). This term refers to the consensual exchange of revealing images taken with a mobile phone camera. As a rule, this special communication takes place between couples, but it also serves to initiate intimate relationships.


But what if you don’t have a relationship or a heartthrob in mind? Thanks to the App Rinsing ( nobody has to do without it anymore. Here sophisticated men come into direct contact with desirable women.


The app makes it easier than ever for men to make contact. Using photos, they select their favourite woman and contact her directly via chat. It is up to her whether and in what form she will engage in it. In the Rinsing app, women can have their chat time rewarded with coins. Depending on individual preference, the chat can be about a charming conversation or the exchange of erotic images and videos. While generous gentlemen can live out fantasies online and in real-time, women have the opportunity to earn some extra cash.


Unlike other platforms, men can be sure that they are dealing with real women with this app. Photos cannot be uploaded from the media library, but can only be taken directly with the app. This also has the advantage that the images are relatively natural, i.e. unprocessed and without filters.


As far as security is concerned, the privacy of women has always been a priority. Since a chat is deleted after the end of the conversation, they don’t have to worry about their pictures appearing on the Internet. The app also blocks the screenshot function. Thus men get their money’s worth and women not only fulfil the fantasies of men, but also live out their own.    


Oleg Strecker, founder and CEO of Rinsing, is sure that he has created a win-win situation with this app: “Many women find it extremely attractive to get self-affirmation, but also the option of being able to afford a costly lifestyle. The fact that over 60 per cent of our users are female shows that we are on the right track. Men appreciate above all the discretion and simple way to establish contact with women,  to stimulate their imagination.”  


About Rinsing:

In 2018, Oleg Strecker founded the App Rinsing to connect sophisticated men with attractive women online. While other flirt apps are primarily about initiating relationships, the focus here is on live entertainment, where women and men alike get their money’s worth. To protect privacy, chats are deleted after a conversation has ended and women are paid for their chat activities with coins.


The app is available for download in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.



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