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Postando launches simple mailing of individual postcards and greeting cards via smartphone in further European countries: Only three years after its foundation, the successful German start-up expands into the Netherlands, Spain, Ireland and Great Britain. English and Spanish are the most widely used languages in the world and therefore offer a considerable potential of new customers for Postando,“ says Dennis Goetjes, co-founder of the successful postcard app. “In order to be able to take our first steps in the markets, it makes sense to start at the current seasonal peak with Christmas cards”


Postcards are popular in the new markets
Postcards and greeting cards are in great demand in the UK and Ireland: according to the Greeting Card Association (GCA) Market Report 2018, people in the UK write postcards on all kinds of occasions – Christmas, birthdays, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. In 2017, around 1.7 billion pounds were spent on greeting cards in the UK. At Christmas, the card market in Britain is up to one billion cards sold.



Postcards and greeting cards are also very popular in the Netherlands: in Germany’s neighboring country, about 450 million cards are sent every year for a variety of occasions. Postando’s entry into the Dutch market makes sense due to its geographical proximity and existing infrastructure. This will be accompanied by the introduction of the postcard app in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. “Spain has already shown a very positive response to the first test activities, which means that a larger launch makes sense for us here,” explains Goetjes. “By introducing our app, we will also be able to expand into other Spanish-speaking countries in the future”.



Goals and visions for the future
For the market entry, the already successful marketing activities in Germany will be transferred to the new countries in order to quickly gain a foothold and achieve initial volumes and sales. The aim of the expansion into these new markets is to transport the success story of the young company in Germany to other countries and to establish the retail business there. This will also prepare the ground for the introduction of the B2B segment in these countries in the short to medium term, for which Postando offers business customers efficient and fast solutions for postcard marketing as well as CRM measures with its B2B portal. In the Netherlands, the start-up company has already found the first cooperation partners who have already successfully implemented effective campaigns to win new customers and activate existing customers through the portal.



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