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• btov’s Industrial Tech Fund together with its Private Investor Network invest $3M in the Berlin-based B2B SaaS startup Ninox.
• Ninox empowers nontechnical end users in a variety of business functions to digitize business processes and automate workflows just by drag-and-drop.
• Ninox is a leader in the field of no-code software applications, which enable users to build apps without programming skills.


Berlin-based startup, Ninox has raised three million US dollars from btov Partners for its innovative no-code platform. Ninox empowers nontechnical end users in a variety of business functions to digitize business processes and automate workflows without programming skills. The company, which is one of the fastest-growing Software-as-a-Service startups in Germany, offers templates for CRM, ERP, project management and almost any organizational use case. The platform allows users to seamlessly create custom business apps in minutes.

“IT projects can turn out tedious and expensive. Companies from traditional industries often find it difficult to get suitable specialists on board. With our solution, employees in the respective departments can finally take digitization into their own hands – without needing to know how to write a single line of code. Our database-supported platform offers the opportunity to create flexible and scalable applications and automate workflows. With the financing round we can now further invest in the expansion of the platform which will empower more customers to take the no-code approach in the future,” says Ninox founder and CEO Frank Böhmer. The financing round was led by btov Partners’ Industrial Tech Fund and supported by the btov Private Investor Network.


“Ninox enables enterprise and medium-sized businesses to undertake digitization projects on their own while staying agile and flexible. The software is already used by more than 3,000 companies with over 200 new customers added every month. These metrics are strong indicators of Ninox’s status as a pioneer in the no-code industry”, says Benedikt Kronberger, Partner of btov’s Industrial Tech Fund.

US-based accelerator Techstars, as well as Dr. Jan Bielinski, former CCO of Julius Baer Group, also took part in the round. “For me as a Ninox user, the enthusiastic community is outstanding. This is not just an outstanding product, but a thriving ecosystem,” comments Dr. Jan Bielinski. Among the startup’s customers are industrial giants such as ThyssenKrupp System Engineering. Housing manufacturer Kampa is digitizing its construction management processes with the help of Ninox, while the Swiss food retailer Migros uses the software to control the distribution of menus in restaurant areas, and Generali Real Estate uses Ninox to support its sales team.


About Ninox
Ninox is a no-code platform that allows nontechnical users without programming knowledge to develop custom business apps in minutes. With over 350,000 downloads from app stores and 75,000 registrations on the cloud, Ninox is one of the most successful software products of its kind and one of the fastestgrowing B2B SaaS providers in Germany. On the popular software rating platform G2, Ninox is rated as one of the top five no-code applications worldwide. Founded in 2013 by Frank Böhmer in Berlin, Ninox is designed for companies of all industries and sizes. The Company believes standard solutions are too inflexible and conventional software development too expensive. Ninox puts the power to digitize and automate processes into the hands of those who know them best: Entrepreneurs and line of business professionals. Whether accountants, controllers, buyers or sellers, HR, product or project managers. Ninox’s customers include Generali, Thyssenkrupp and Minimax.

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About btov Partners
Founded in 2000, btov Partners is a European venture capital firm focused on digital and industrial technologies. btov’s network of entrepreneurial private investors offers its unique expertise and access to non obvious investment topics and founders. The btov Industrial Technologies Fund focuses on hardware and software innovations with industrial applications such as automation, robotics, data analysis, industrial AI, additive manufacturing and quantum computing. The btov Digital Technologies Fund focuses on startups in the areas of AI, Fintech, SaaS, logistics and digital marketplaces. btov has seen innovation waves such as machine learning or Fintech at a very early stage and is one of the most successful financiers of AI companies in Europe. With offices in Berlin, Munich, St. Gallen and Luxembourg, the company manages assets of 450 million euros. The network of private investors consists of 250 experienced entrepreneurs and executives from all over Europe. The best-known investments include Blacklane, Data Artisans, DeepL, Facebook, Foodspring, ORCAM, Raisin, SumUp, Volocopter and XING.


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