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The digitalization of the building and real estate industry and especially the digitalization of project planning is gaining momentum. The BIM technology (Building Information Modeling) has opened up new opportunities for architects and planners for several years now – at least in theory. In practice, cooperation often still fails due to different data formats and software that are not compatible with each other. This challenge of data consolidation is currently being met, first applications are having success and the breakthrough in the building and real estate industry is expected for 2020.


Franz Madl, Managing Director at pbb Planung und Projektsteuerung GmbH: “The big challenge of ‘BIG DATA’ within the planning and building process is that BIM will be PLM (product lifecycle management). Together with our BIMDesigner, we have created the basis for this development!”


Hubert Heinrich, Managing Director at OfficeWare Information Systems GmbH adds: “One decisive factor in the interaction of different software products is the management of data and documents. With the new ‘OfficeWare business server’ a corresponding platform is being created. Thus, automated overviews and research can be generated and all project participants receive the complete relevant data, clearly structured and accessible in real-time.”


Especially the allocation of data to individual components as a part of buildings allows for further applications within BIM. Dr.-Ing. Markus Hennecke, Managing Director at ZM-I: “By processing the building data of a BIM model with our EBB software, we create a digital building logbook (Germ. digitales Bauwerksbuch) including further information on the building structure. The digital building logbook is used throughout the whole lifecycle of a building. Thereby, all people involved receive reliable information – simple, clearly structured and available anytime.”


Photo courtesy of Ummen communications


Moritz Koppe, Managing Director at emproc SYS, the developers of PROBIS: “The actual task is analysing the various data collected by the different participants involved in a real estate project. With our PROBIS software we offer the respectively corresponding interface to all project participants so that they can provide their data and use it effectively.” In practice, all of the four companies have already been using BIMI successfully.


pbb Planung und Projektsteuerung GmbH

pbb is a 100-strong planning team of architects, engineers, specialist engineers and planners based in Ingolstadt and Berlin.

Thanks to their optimised working processes, the comprehensive range of services and last but not least their experience, they make their spatial ideas visible. From the first concept on to the maintenance of the building, pbb communicates and documents the project transparently and therefore highly efficiently in cooperation with the client. This has made them one of the best performing providers of architecture and planning in Germany for the last 20 years.

With their central, cloud-based data platform, the BIMDesigner, pbb is finalist at the 2019 Smart Building/Smart Construction Innovation World Cup, which is awarded at the BIM World MUNICH.


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Since 1996, OfficeWare Information Systems GmbH has been developing project-oriented management and controlling software for architecture and civil engineering companies as well as for the real estate industry. Over 5000 satisfied OfficeWare users in companies with 3 to over 200 OfficeWare workplaces benefit from our specialist software. OfficeWare Project is so special because of its clearly structured, integrated concept with state-of-the-art technology for automated allocation, overviews, and research.


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Zilch + Müller Ingenieure

ZM-I is an independent, partnership-based civil engineering company for highly demanding projects. The group has grown continuously from its company base in Munich and today is active all over Germany. As a structure planning company focussing on statics, we provide consultation, planning, inspections and surveys in the area of civil engineering. Due to our wide range of competences, the experience of the numerous inspection engineers for structural engineering as well as our organisation that encourages an ongoing increase in knowledge, clients and architects can trust in the leading solution competence of an uncomplicated partner for complex demands.


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PROBIS, the controlling software for banks, project developers and managers allow for cost certainty and cost control at an early stage of the project and guarantees a solid starting point for the control of project costs, risk management and budget planning. The PROBIS software has been available to the real estate industry since it was launched on the market in 2018.


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