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Recommendation marketing is an effective instrument for acquiring new customers, yet it is rarely used. The start-up company Postando, which provides an app of the same name that allows users to create and send an individual postcard with their own photos on their smartphone, has been offering this type of marketing to companies since the beginning. The current cooperation between Postando and Urlaubsguru, which runs from November to December, shows how recommendation marketing with postcards can be implemented in a sensible and successful way.


As recommenders are known to be the best sellers, recommendation marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing. However, many companies still consider recommendations to be a stroke of luck. In fact, customers do not always think immediately about recommending a company, even when their experience has been positive. It is, therefore, a good idea for a company to become active in this area.


Recommendation marketing with Postando

The postcard app Postando offers a distinctive approach to recommendation marketing with little effort on the part of the company, but high opening rates plus an added value for customers and the recipient of the advertisement: The postcard app creates a voucher code for a free or discounted postcard that the cooperation partner communicates along with information about Postando to the customers via the company’s own channels. The offer can also be shared with customers on flyers or displays in the company’s own shop, or in an app. Interested consumers can download the Postando app free of charge from the App-Store or from the Google Play-Store and design their own personal card, which then will be sent in an analog form to their nearest and dearest, be it from vacation, for a birthday or for Christmas. By entering the voucher code during the payment process, the customer receives special conditions. With the Urlaubsguru code, for example, the first card is free and each additional card is discounted by 25 percent.


 Advertising in an emotionally positive environment

On each postcard sent via the cooperation code, the cooperation partner’s desired form of advertisements, such as the company logo or a short text, is printed under the address line. The customer thus recommends the company to the recipient by sending the postcard. The recipient receives the company’s advertisement together with the joyful message of a loved one, thereby ensuring that the advertisement is positively perceived. Urlaubsguru has integrated a wellness voucher that the recipient can redeem online on the cooperation website of Urlaubsguru and Postando via the link on the backside advertising. Therefore, the travel portal directly encourages the recipients to visit the website, which adds further value for the recipients and allows the portal to track the results.


Postcards as an effective marketing tool

The overstimulation in the digital world is undisputedly increasing and it is, therefore, becoming more and more difficult to acquire new customers, as consumers are overwhelmed by digital messages. Postcards, on the other hand, land in the mailbox less often and therefore attract much more attention. In addition, they score with a positive and likable image, as they are associated with the tradition of holiday postcards and thereby evoke generally positive associations. Emotionally, they are perceived in a similar way to a gift. In addition, the opening rate favors the postcard, as it is 100 percent. By comparison, only less than 70 percent of advertising letters are opened and only less than 25 percent of e-mails. Accordingly, postcards as a marketing instrument achieve significantly higher customer reactions and sales on a regular basis.


About Postando

The company specializes in the simple dispatch of individual postcards and greeting cards using a smartphone. In just four simple steps, each user – young or old – can design their own postcard and send their loved one directly to the mailbox: Simply choose format and use your own photos or one of many templates, compose a personal message and select the lucky recipient. Lastly, check front and back before final shipping and pay. Whether you are on holiday, at a celebration or birthday party, or simply want to make yourself happy, Postando is the perfect solution for all occasions.


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