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Zurich-based branding consultancy Creative Supply–in collaboration with the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) EMBA– has released the first ever report to offer a focus on B2B companies as well as trends and insights relevant to a Swiss audience. The report provides readers with a better understanding of how B2B branding is evolving in Switzerland, how it affects all businesses, and why a strong brand can help companies grow. 


The report, entitled “Perspectives on B2B branding”, illustrates the changing attitudes towards B2B branding in Switzerland. It provides extensive input from executives at leading Swiss B2B companies (e.g. SIX, GF, Holcim), as well as original research and learnings from Creative Supply. The resulting insights are split into two parts. The first highlights 6 major trends shaping B2B branding practices in Switzerland and abroad, including a critical assessment of the strengths –and weaknesses– of Swissness. The latter half of the report focuses on a series of 5 actionable steps B2B companies should take to start building a better brand strategy, from figuring out their unique brand story to building a powerful brand ecosystem.


“We set out to write this report following requests and encouragement from our B2B customers and friends. They believe B2B companies in Switzerland and elsewhere have a real opportunity to level up their brands and thrive in a more competitive global marketplace. As branding specialists, this report is our contribution to this effort, and so far we have been amazed and humbled by the feedback we’ve received,” says Youri Sawerschel, founder of Creative Supply.



Photo courtesy of Creative supply


Creative Supply has built a strong reputation over the years as a leading partner for B2B companies looking to build or rebuild their brand strategy, working with customers such as ABB, Cemex and Strausak. The report was made possible thanks to help from the faculty of the EPFL EMBA programme. Members of the faculty helped support the creation of the report, and the school will assist in its distribution through a series of events, with details to be announced soon.


“The EPFL EMBA focuses on Harnessing Innovation and generating new value for organizations at all levels. If this value isn’t also conveyed to the relevant stakeholders, then the power of innovation is reduced. This is why we also focus on branding and brand management and are always looking for material that is highly relevant and adds dimensionality to our curriculum. This report definitely does that, and more!” said Tilo


Photo courtesy of Creative supply


About Creative Supply
Creative Supply is a Zurich-based company specialized in brand strategy. Blending creativity with business strategy, Creative Supply helps people and organizations transform their brand in order to reach their goals. Its diverse list of consulting clients covers industries ranging from manufacturing to hospitality and education, and includes household names such as ABB, Kempinski and Lancôme. The Creative Supply Academy also offers thousands of people the opportunity to expand their knowledge–from mastering the art of storytelling to building their personal brand.


Based in Switzerland, at the forefront of global innovation, EPFL’s EMBA is the longest running European EMBA focused on technology and innovation management. Since 1998, its hands-on approach combines innovative thinking with strategic management skills. The programs equip participants to lead a tech oriented workforce, foster a culture of innovation and lead businesses from ideas to commercialization.


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