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The Swiss app CodeCheck has become extremely popular since it was featured on German TV, overtaking well-known names such as WhatsApp, Google Maps, and Instagram on the App Store. CodeCheck, the most extensive, pocket-sized product guide in German has become the most downloaded app in Germany. Its success demonstrates that consumers wish to know what ingredients are in foods and cosmetics.


A Smart Shopping Assistant for Conscious Consumers

CodeCheck is an app that has been used for seven years now to inform consumers about ingredients in foods and cosmetics. By simply scanning a barcode with their device, users can see whether a product contains unhealthy ingredients. Users can also customize CodeCheck to best fit their individual needs. For example, the app will allow users to see whether a product contains gluten, lactose, microbeads, palm oil, or silicone or whether a product is vegan or vegetarian. With over two million products in the database, CodeCheck suggests alternatives that contain fewer unwanted ingredients.


The Swiss App Leads the App Charts

With already three million users, CodeCheck is no longer a newbie. It managed to overtake long-established smartphone giants after an RTL Extra feature about microbeads. Its iOS and Android versions scored exceptionally well in the tests performed by and were referred to as a ‘real asset’ for consumers buying food and cosmetics. CodeCheck is the first app produced in Switzerland that has succeeded in leading the charts in Germany. “We’re constantly working to expand CodeCheck and help conscious consumers make better purchasing decisions about their health and the future of our planet. That’s why we are even more excited that the app is so well received,” said Boris Manhart, CEO and co-founder of CodeCheck.


CodeCheck Facts

  • Over 7 million downloads
  • Over 3 million registered users
  • Average Play store rating: 4.6 from 5
  • Apps for iOS and Android
  • Available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the USA
  • Offices: Zurich (Switzerland) Headquarters; Berlin (Germa



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