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The Diplomatic Council, a United Nations accredited think tank, has launched a new startup program in order to assist founders in successfully establishing their startups on the local and global markets. The program teaches how startups can best position themselves with the aim to quickly find investors and ultimately expand. “Our program is a fast track to success,” explains Aman Khan, Diplomatic Council Startup Advisor.  


The Diplomatic Council is a global organization linking business and diplomacy. It helps qualified and certified startups in finding the right investors within its worldwide network. In order for startups to meet the requirements, the program offers a multi-stage training that provides founders with the opportunity to learn everything necessary to become successful entrepreneurs. The skills needed would comprise teambuilding, management, positioning, sales and marketing, competitive analysis, market launch and, in particular, how startups can prepare such effective sales pitches that encourage investors to finance them. 


“We consistently pursue a two-tier process. In the first step, the founder’s team would make sure it meets all requirements by obtaining a certification before it can present itself to investors in the second step,” explains Aman Khan. His advice for startups: “It is not sufficient to have a good idea. The idea must be prepared and presented in a professional way in order to enthuse investors.” 


Once the startups have successfully passed the program, they will receive the “Diplomatic Council Qualified Startup” certification which serves as an admission ticket to the circle of investors and helps them approach investors.  


The Diplomatic Council startup program is also open to investors who are looking for a qualified deal flow. „Business Angels, Venture Capitalists, Corporate and Family Businesses are all welcome,“ says Aman Khan. Selected companions for industry (Enterprises, TMT (Technology, Media, Telecom), M&A, law firms etc.) are also encouraged to participate in the program if they can prove their interest in startups.


The Diplomatic Council is a global network and think tank consultative status with the United Nations. As an organisation linking business and diplomacy, the Diplomatic Council can provide its members access to a unique network. Members of the Diplomatic Council are ministers, diplomats, entrepreneurs, business leaders and dignitaries from society. 


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