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A European-owned company introduced its Trident HSM hardware security module, which is the first solution to use secure multi-party cryptography. It enables government organizations, companies and entities of the industrial and financial sectors to provide greater security for their data and resources.


The solution recently acquired a Common Criteria EAL 4+ certificate, a high level of certification only a handful of products possess in the entire HSM market.


Trident HSM is a significant innovation in the HSM market, being the first to utilize the proven achievements of secure multi-party computation, enabling parties even with opposing business interests to create a single digital signature or to jointly decrypt an encrypted message in a proven and secure way. It features solutions under pending patents, and it has the capability to create, use and delete secret codes and cryptographic keys in parts, making it impossible to identify key data on a single device.


Trident HSM provides the highest level of security available, helping its users safeguard their data and comply with regulations (GDPR, eIDAS, eHDSI, PSD2). The solution also meets the requirements of eIDAS, enabling Qualified Trust Service Providers to provide remote certified signature and stamp services.


“As a small European company, we are proud to present something unprecedented on a global level. We expect to generate quite an interest on the HSM market” said Zsolt Rózsahegyi, CEO of i4p. “As we plan to use two-tier channel for sales, we expect inquiries from European value-added distributors (VADs)” he added.


The Trident HSM is also available as a standalone HSM. It is easy to integrate, can run custom developed extensions called local client applications and it also enables its key users and administrators to use multi-factor authentication.

Gartner named the use of multi-party computation an up-and-coming technology in its analysis titled Hype Cycle for Privacy. Trident HSM is the first commercially available HSM featuring this technology.


About i4p

i4p is a Hungarian company founded in 2014 and Its main activity is the development of applied cryptography solutions. The company’s founders aim to develop software solutions capable of revolutionizing the IT security aspects of electronic authentication solutions. i4p’s founders and experts share more than 60 years of applied cryptographical experience.



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