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It’s hard to believe,The Factory For Everyone enables inventors or start-ups to bring their product ideas into series production in around ten weeks without complications. Regardless of whether it’s food, consumer products, fashion, electronic components, furniture, plastic parts or other topics. The desired circulation is also irrelevant.

The factory for everyone is able to produce almost any product idea on mass. Behind the factory for everyone is Margot Königshofer. She is the managing director and founder of, a purchasing optimizer for startups with a network of around 70,000 suppliers in over 130 countries.


First projects successful

The factory for everyone has already taken care of its first inventors/startups. For example, a supply chain for a bra for unequal sized breasts was set up. Another project involved a potato tower, which enables consumers to plant potatoes in a space-saving way in confined spaces such as balconies. Königshofer says “We are turning everyone into a manufacturer without them owning a factory. Since almost all coordination processes are digital, it doesn’t matter in which country the startup is located.”


How the factory works for everyone

Startups get everything they need for their product from a single source: The “Fabrik für Jedermann” procures all the necessary suppliers for the entire product supply chain, from individual parts through assembly and packaging to logistics. Instead of hundreds of suppliers, the startup now has only one main supplier to contact for its supply chain. The search and qualification of suppliers, which often takes months and months, is no longer necessary. And the company founders save valuable time in supplier management so that they can concentrate on their products and their customers. Markets can thus be conquered more quickly.


Comparison makes you rich

With the Factory for Everyone, start-ups can transparently compare the two best competing complete offers for their supply chain. This enables them to offer their products at competitive prices on their markets.


Suppliers from all over the world

The factory for everyone is networked worldwide with 70,000 suppliers in China, India, Central and Eastern Europe. Our ongoing supplier audits (qualification of suppliers) on site ensure the quality of the suppliers and thus that of the products. This also saves start-up companies enormous time and enables them to offer their products at competitive prices.


As flexible as a start-up, as strong as a corporate group

Margot Königshofer explains: “Our global production volume and our geographical reach create enormous synergy effects and strong negotiating positions that were previously reserved for medium-sized and large companies only. Thanks to the Everyman’s Factory, inventors, start-ups and smaller companies can now enjoy the bundling effects and purchasing power that were previously reserved for large companies – only that they are faster and more agile than the big ones”.


Green and fair

“Here, too, we can help you quickly find reliable partners from our network. And here, too, we make the relevant supply chains transparent,” adds the purchasing expert.


Competitive prices

The factory for everyone ensures the competitiveness of the start-ups in terms of total costs. The aim is for the founders to be able to offer their products at unbeatable prices on the market.


Simple process: Three steps to your own supply chain

In the first step, the inventors or start-ups telephone Margot Königshofer and present her with their ideas. In the second step, Margot and her team check the feasibility of the idea within two weeks. If this test is successful, the third step involves a final telephone call for a vote. Now the founders can give the starting signal and instruct the factory to have its delivery schedule and the corresponding cost overview drawn up for everyone. This development of the supply chain is exclusive and individually tailored to the respective invention and lasts a total of around eight weeks.

In other words: from the first call to production ready for start-up, the entire process takes on average only ten weeks.


Hotline for startups

Startups can always ask questions to Margot Königshofer and her team during office hours Mondays from 16:00 to 19:00 and Tuesdays from 9:00 to 12:00. If you prefer it online, you can register at


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