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The Underground Bin From Texaid, To Be Increasingly Found in Switzerland Regularly . Picture Courtesy Of Texaid



The Texaid Group publishes its first ever annual report. This encompasses the activities of Texaid Textilverwertungs AG, which is based in Schattdorf (Canton of Uri), as well as its subsidiary companies, the report is a compilation of the year 2018 beginning from 1st January until 31st December 2018.


With the voluntary publication of its business figures, Texaid is taking a further step towards promoting transparency in the used textiles industry. Last year, Texaid published a comprehensive sustainability report which provides information on the work processes, measures and progress along the path to sustainable business activities. “It is of importance to us that the population better understands our work and sees how the proceeds from the sale of used textiles go into successful use on social projects,” emphasized Martin Böschen», CEO of the Texaid Group.


In sum total, in the past financial year, Texaid was able to donate 12.4 million francs (previous year 10.1 million francs) to charitable partners with the proceeds from the collection, recycling and sale of used textiles. Of this amount, 8.1 million francs (previous year: 7.8 million francs) were donated to organisations in Switzerland. A selection of charitable projects which are co-financed with this funding is available on the Texaid website under the heading «social sustainability».


Texaid Group

In a difficult market environment, the Texaid Group succeeded in increasing its collection volumes by 7.4% to 81,163 tonnes (previous year 75,586 tonnes) and its sales revenue by 9.7% to 97.2 million francs (previous year 88.6 million francs). It was possible for the operating loss to be reduced to 0.3 million francs (previous year CHF 0.7 million). The losses after interest, taxes and extraordinary effects amounted to 2.0 million francs (previous year 0.5 million francs).


In addition to the market situation for sorted products, which remains challenging, the development of the exchange rate also had a negative impact on the earnings. Texaid is also anticipating challenging market conditions for the 2019 financial year, but expects a positive result. Particularly worthy of mention are the services in the field of collection and recycling solutions for the area of fashion retail which have developed in recent years. Since 2019, these have been brought together at the group level in the newly created «Retail Solution» division. The solutions encompass an extensive and complementary part of the reverse supply chain, such as the recycling of excess stock, returns of goods purchased online, remaining goods in shops, and the acceptance of returned goods.


Texaid Switzerland

Texaid Switzerland was able to increase its collection volume by 2.9% to 37,102 tonnes (previous year: 36,073). The proportion collected from bins was over 90%, with underground bin systems being used more and more frequently. Texaid Switzerland closed the 2018 financial year with an operating profit of 3.0 million francs (previous year: 2.9 million francs). The Company profit amounted to 1.6 million francs (previous year: 1.3 million francs), net income increased to 34.6 million francs (previous year: 33.4 million francs).


In Switzerland, the company’s continued commitment to an environmentally-friendly corporate culture is particularly noteworthy. Since 2013, Texaid Switzerland has been able to reduce its CO2 emissions by 44 % per tonne of used clothing collected. Texaid has been awarded the Gold Label by Swiss Climate for the sixth time in succession.

Texaid is the only textile recycling company operating in Switzerland to publish a detailed annual report. The full report is available in German on the Texaid website and can also be requested in printed version.


About Texaid

Texaid was founded in 1978 as a charity-private partnership between six Swiss relief organisations (SRK, Winterhilfe Switzerland, Solidar Suisse, Caritas Switzerland, Kolping Switzerland, HEKS) and an entrepreneur. With its headquarters in the Canton of Uri and branches in Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Morocco and the USA, the company is one of the leading service providers of textile recycling services in Europe. in Switzerland, Texaid has an ISO-certified quality and environmental management system (ISO 9001 & ISO 14001) and has been awarded the “CO2 Neutral” seal of approval by Swiss Climate AG. In Switzerland, Texaid employs approximately 130 people


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