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Alex Blattmann, CEO Max Brain. Picture courtesy of Max Brain



The Swiss EdTech startup  MaxBrain has been successfully digitizing further education for the past three years.

Now the company has reached another significant milestone. In the sports manager training called “Auf Schalke” in cooperation with the University of St. Gallen, future managers will learn with “MaxBrain Classroom”.


Companies and corporate departments are already successfully using this innovative learning technology for the training and further education of their employees. Besides technological arguments, economic and ecological aspects are key points for the use of digital learning technology.


Digitalization is revolutionizing our society and does not stop at universities and companies. Employers want graduates to have more digital competence and therefore there is a call on learning institutions to accelerate the digital transformation.


MaxBrain recognized the situation early on and has been promoting paperless education with its modern and intuitive technology in schools and companies for three years. “The future speaks clearly for digitally supported forms of learning. The sooner one digitizes offers in a meaningful way, the more attractive and competitive one is as an institution and as a company,” says Alex Blattmann, CEO of MaxBrain. “We want to play a leading role in this transformation phase.




What began at the University of St. Gallen is now an integral part of many companies and schools in German-speaking Switzerland. MaxBrain Classroom provides intuitive access to the relevant information, optimizes efficient collaboration and facilitates learning because all content is available anytime and anywhere – even offline.


Those responsible for sports manager training also recognize these advantages , Andy Egli and Mladen Petric have already benefited from the Swiss technology and are enthusiastic about it. “MaxBrain has succeeded in finding the perfect balance between high user-friendliness and attractive design. I travel a lot and thanks to the app I can access learning content regularly and from anywhere,” says Andy Egli, former Swiss national player and football expert.




Companies, training providers and associations are called upon to optimise processes and enrich their training with digital innovations. The digital transformation is gaining momentum and Switzerland is increasingly abandoning its conservative attitude towards the inevitable trend. MaxBrain observes that similar challenges are finally being tackled across industries.


Whether it’s at the University of St. Gallen, the ZHAW, the Similasan company or the BodenSchweiz association – the potentials of digital transformation are becoming faster and easier to realize. One of many successful examples of a successful implementation of MaxBrain Classroom is in BodenSchweiz, the Swiss Flooring Association, which is doing pioneering work in digitization in its industry.


“With the introduction of MaxBrain’s intuitive learning technology, our employees can learn more efficiently and also keep their finger on the pulse of digitisation. In addition, we are reducing the costs of purchasing learning materials in small quantities,” says Daniel Heusser, Managing Director of the association.




Ecological and economic arguments play an important role in the choice of learning technology. But even more important is to make learning concepts more innovative and application-oriented in order to be more competitive amongst other educational offerings.


The use of resources by institutions must be reduced, while the benefits for students should increase. MaxBrain sees this as an opportunity to create sustainable added value with its own customers. “Education needs open ecosystems – both in terms of content and technology. We want to implement modular technologies with our customers. Our software combines our own innovations with the most advanced products on the market. In five to ten years’ time, we guarantee to be at the forefront – Alex Blattmann, CEO of MaxBrain


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