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The accelerator and seed investor :agile powered by E.ON invests in the startup nuventura together with VC Fonds Technologie Berlin, which is controlled by IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH. The company develops switchgears, in which the climate-damaging insulation gas sulfur hexafluroid (SF6) is replaced with air. These can be used for example in transformer stations. The technology not only contributes to environmental protection, but also makes technical and economic efficiency profits possible.


Air instead of SF6 and better data collection: nuventura improves switchgears

SF6 is used in gas-insulated switchgears in power grids and surrounds the electrical conductors as a protective gas. SF6 is a synthetic gas which is not biodegradable. Once emitted it remains in the atmosphere for more than 3000 years before disintegrating. In the first 100 years after its emission 1kg of SF6 causes as much of a greenhouse effect as over 23.500kg of CO2 do. Through their technology nuventura wants to make the usage of SF6 in switchgears making up 85% of the total SF6 production after all completely obsolete in the long run. Nowadays the yearly total SF6 emissions correspond to the CO2 emissions of more than 100 million cars in the same period of time.

nuventura’s technology simplifies the operating compared to conventional SF6 based gears and makes it possible to install sensors in the gas tank of the switchgear to continuously monitor the status data of the systems. In consequence, maintenance cycles can be optimized and action recommendations drawing on the system status can be made. In addition, the integration of sensors is an essential instrument for the IT security of the network control. An important step towards power grid 4.0.


Pilot project starting with transformer station Ketzin

A pilot project with the German E.ON power grid operator E.DIS at the transformer station Ketzin in Brandenburg is planned. The E.DIS energy coil laboratory, which researches the challenges brought on by the energy revolution, is also located there.

“As an accelerator and seed investor we are cooperating with startups, which in addition to a scalable business models also bring a forward-looking technology and a strong, diverse team into the cooperation.”, says Inga land, CEO of :agile accelerator GmbH. “We are excited to continue working with nuventura. In the long run nuvetnura will help E.ON to actively contribute to environmental protection.”

Dr. Fabian Lemke, commercial director at nuventura, adds: “We should do everything in our power to eliminate SF6 as soon as possible from any application. This is why by means of a license agreement we make our technology available to all switchgear manufacturers.”


Investment by :agile supports the aims of E.ON for more climate protection

As an accelerator and seed investor :agile scouts startups related to energy in Europe and Israel to implement joint pilots with the E.ON business segments. To stop climate change, the parent company has set itself ambitious goals for more sustainability. By 2030 E.ON wants to have reduced its absolute CO2 footprint by 30 percent compared to 2016 and to have significantly lowered the emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases through developing and implementing sustainable energy solutions.

More on the subject of sustainability at E.ON visit:


About :agile

As an accelerator and seed investor powered by E.ON :agile has made it its mission to scout and support innovative to disruptive ideas related to energy. Together with the expertise and the network of E.ON, :agile helps European and Israeli startups to test their concepts and transform them into successful business models. The three-month long accelerator phase includes financing, trainings and individual coaching and is directed at early stage startups. :agile is interested in a long-term partnership with the startups. The aim is to network the companies with E.ON and to implement joint pilots after the accelerator time.


About startup nuventura

Manjunath Ramesh, Nikolaus Thomale and Dr. Fabian Lemke founded nuventura in July 2017.

The team has successfully developed, built and tested the above-mentioned technology and managed to win its first licensing and pilot partners for operation. nuventura operates out of Berlin, is part of the renowned accelerators Climate-KIC, E.ON :agile and has recently joined the Start Green accelerator. It has secured financing from industry experts, impact investors and business angels and has been recognized by The Hundert magazine as one of the top 100 most innovative startups in Germany.

nuventura is currently carrying out a pilot project with its prototype with the German utilities company, Westnetz/Innogy. More pilots with other major European grid operators are currently in planning.





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