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Carvolution’s founding team f.l Bernhard Drüner, Christian Räber, Léa Miggiano, Luis Wittwer, and Adrian Boss. Picture © Carvolution AG


Carvolution, the start-up from Bannwil in Berne, is cooperating with Switzerland’s largest online retailer. Carvolution’s car subscription has already convinced several hundred customers and is now also available at online retailer Galaxus.

From now on you can simply select your car online, have it delivered to your home, use it as long as you want and pay a fixed monthly price that includes all costs except petrol, this is what more and more Swiss people want. Carvolution has hit the zeitgeist with its car subscription. They offer different types of vehicles on subscription which are now also available at Galaxus.


The car subscription model 

For over a year, Carvolution has been offering motorists an alternative to buying and leasing a car. The subscription model for the car convinces through its simplicity, transparency and flexibility. Especially in comparison with car purchase and leasing, subscription users enjoy the uncomplicated handling and the all-round carefree package.

Carvolution has recorded strong growth in recent months, the start-up is ready for the big stage with the relaunch of its website and digital experience. “The entire process, from vehicle procurement, customer inquiries and delivery to support, is part of our core business. We can deliver several hundred vehicles a month,” says Luis Wittwer, CEO of Carvolution.


Carefree thanks to the all-in-one solution

Registration, taxes, insurance, maintenance, tyres and much more are included in the monthly flat rate. Customers do not have to worry about anything other than petrol.


Permanently mobile without risk

No risk to bear and still have their car available at all times – customers do not have high acquisition costs and know at all times what their car costs are.


Simply order online and have your car delivered

Customers can select and order their vehicle online. After a few days, the car is delivered to their front door with a full tank of fuel and ready to drive.


Galaxus as the ideal partner

Galaxus, as one of Switzerland’s largest online retailer, is an ideal partner. says Luis Wittwer, “We are delighted to be able to partner with Galaxus. The uncomplicated online purchase or subscription is an important part of our service. The cooperation is simple, because both partners complement each other in their abilities. While Galaxus has the reach and size to offer the car subscription an extraordinary platform, Carvolution takes care of the vehicles, the handling and the support during the entire subscription period.


About Carvolution

Carvolution was founded in 2018. The team around the founders Léa Miggiano, Adrian Boss, Christian Räber, Luis Wittwer and Bernhard Drüner currently consists of eighteen employees. The start-up is the first Swiss mobility provider of its kind to secure its pole position and is now ready to give new impetus to car access.


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