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Mitipi Launches the first Safety Subscription in Switzerland

Mitipi launches the first safety subscription in Switzerland, together with Smile Direct insurance, and makes access to home safety easier. Prevention, detection and insurance are the three elements one must care about when thinking about safety. On the market, there is no such solution yet. The customers need to look for the elements on their own. That’s exactly where Mitipi comes in: digitalization and technology make it possible to offer everything in one subscription. For the client, it means convenient access to extensive safety and better protection for a good price.

Burglary prevention with presence simulation
“Kevin”, the device that deters burglars with presence simulation, has already gotten a lot of attention: at the beginning of 2018, 500 units were sold in crowdfunding. The backers get their devices these days. Kevin is from now on also available on Amazon and different Swiss retailers.

Extensive home insurance
In collaboration with smile direct, Mitipi has developed a unique insurance product. Clients shouldn’t have to deal with their policies, and still know that they’re well protected. CEO and CoFounder of Mitipi, Julian Stylianou: “Our clients get simple and good products with terms that are easily understandable. That fits perfectly well together with Kevin. We are starting with the home insurance, but private liability as well as a deductible insurance will follow.”

Detection with cameras and sensors to follow

The connection with sensors follows in the future. More risks such as fire and water can be mitigated, which in turn has an impact on the premiums. Additionally, intervention services could be connected as well. Mitipi wants to move fast. First discussions with security firms and sensor manufacturers are already in place. Security firms see the potential in Mitipi’s business model. Securitas Direct SA says: “We have
seen Kevin as a prototype already. The simplicity, the functions and possible synergies with professional security solutions have convinced us. Traditional security technology doesn’t cover presence simulation, so we see an extension for a traditional alarm system. Combined with professional security services, e.g. detection with an alarm centre and intervention services, we see a lot of success for mitipi. Focusing on simplicity, an extensive target group can be addressed. We are following Mitipi’s journey with great interest.”
Anti-Burglary Guarantee The safety subscription, which will at first cover prevention (Kevin) and insurance (home insurance), will launch on the market in Switzerland. If you subscribe to your safety with Mitipi, you can benefit from an anti-burglary guarantee. If a burglary happens, you will get your money back for one year. “Selling safety is a big responsibility, which we want to take seriously”, says Laura Schilliger, Co-Founder and CMO of mitipi.

The distribution of the package is completely online. But discussions with other retail partners are already ongoing. The safety subscription will cost between 20 and 75 Swiss Francs, with no upfront costs for the technology. “The value for money is unbeatable”, says Julian Stylianou, CoFounder and CEO.

Strong partnership
Julian Stylianou is happy to be able to start: “Our biggest goal is to make life safer and more comfortable, and we need strong partners for that. With smile direct, we have found a partner with fast communication paths, who is ready to think out of the box and start the journey with us.” Pierangelo Campopiano, CEO of smile direct insurance is also happy and says why it’s worthwhile to work with a young startup like Mitipi; “Since 1994, is focusing on progressive solutions for private clients. The innovative solution and the engaged team of mitipi have made the decision easy to offer the first safety subscription in Switzerland together.”

About Mitipi
Mitipi was spun-off from Helvetia insurance in 2018 with the goal to make life safer and more comfortable. Smart home technology and insurance are connected to offer simple access to home security. The headquarters are in Zurich, Switzerland.

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