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How was your business experience in 2018?

Looking back at 2018….

Swiss Entrepreneur Media was founded in March 2017 as a Start-up in Media, Consulting and Public relations for Entrepreneurs, and 2018 proved to be one of the defining periods, in terms of the growth that we have experienced since inception. 2018 had come to define us – our clients and our focus.

2018 was an amazing year, we learned so much connecting and working with other entrepreneurs: 


1- We showcased 120 entrepreneurs in the Swiss Entrepreneurs Magazine

2- We initiated and hosted the Women Entrepreneurs Awards gala – to recognize and celebrate the impact of women in business.

3- We also held our second Entrepreneurs Festivals and connected with more than 200 entrepreneurs.

4- We launched our second magazine, “The LADY BOSS MAGAZINE & BUSINESS CLUB”. And we were lucky to have built new amazing connections and relationships.

5- Most importantly, we had learned how to stay in business. We had our mistakes, and with them came many lessons to be learned.


However, here are six (6) important lessons worth sharing:

1- Connect and hang around people who are more experienced and successful than you

2- Never mix business with friendships

3- Always work with contracts no matter who you work with, it will help you avoid a lot of unwanted misunderstandings

4- Create a plan and stick to it

5- Avoid putting yourself in unproductive business dealings

6- Go for it; knock on doors because chances won’t look for you


As a young start-up still trying to establish ourselves, we still have a lot to learn especially when it comes to generating revenue and raising venture capital funds for our projects.

In March 2019, we will be celebrating our first 2 years of founding. My main focus as the CEO will be to raise venture capital as we are looking to go into the rentals of office and co-working spaces. This will enable us to give our existing community a platform to easily connect with one another.

In conclusion, experience, they say, is the best teacher – no matter how well-read or educated we may be, business is learned on-the-job.

This was our business experience in 2018, how was yours?


Happy new year!

Cheers Angelyne


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