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Joineer Interview

Joineer  is a recruiting online platform bringing a new and different approach towards the recruiting process.


The Founders of Joineer shares their Entrepreneurial story and some business advice with us:


Q: What is the name of your business and what do you do?

Our business is called Joineer. We help companies and applicants find the perfect partner for any professional occasion by holistic assessment. Our matching system is based on typical hard factors such as education and work experience, but also on soft factors like passion, motivation, cultural background, etc. Applicants and companies fill out a behavioral, economic and psychological questionnaire that allows them to learn more about themselves, and enable us to match them. We also offer solutions to bigger companies, enabling them to build inter-divisional teams in a fast and efficient way.


Q: When did you start your business and who are the founders?

The idea started in February 2016, and subsequently developed in to  a business model. After obtaining approval from the Swiss Start-up Factory in September 2016, we accomplished all of the  milestones in our accelerator program.  The founders are Fabian Jäger, David Wartmann and Nicola Ferroni. Our support team is: Elizabeth Bernold (behavioral economist), Vedran Zgela (developer), Jonas de Taye (developer) and Michael Rüegg (psychologist).


Q: What motivated you to start your business?

We are convinced that soft factors count as much as hard factors in the recruiting process. Although hard factors define which applicants are interesting for a company and could possibly match a job, soft factors determine which work relationships will endure. Considering the huge cost companies face for “re-staffing” a position, the focus should be on soft factors. Furthermore, the future work environment will see more projects based on inter-divisional teams. It is thus of utmost importance that teams fit together, both in terms of hard and soft factors.


Q: Have you encountered any challenges:

We did market research a few months ago and stumbled across several competitors in other countries, which presented a small challenge because we thought we were building something completely new.  However, we have learned from our competitors’ mistakes and experiences. Building a Start-up entails a lot of hard work and a volatile future, but with support from the Swiss Start-up Factory, we were able to survive the first months of entrepreneurial life.


Q: What are the positive aspects of your business?

One positive aspect is that we do not have to give account to anybody; instead we can be creative and follow our visions and dreams. We also meet and chat with many interesting people such as investors, start-uppers, customers, mentors, entrepreneurs, etc. We have learnt to appreciate success through our business.


Q: What are the future goals for your business?

Our goal is to revolutionize the recruiting sectors by highlighting soft factors in the hiring process. We are also focusing on finding an investor who can partner with us and help develop our product.


Q: What advice would you give to an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to start their own start-up business and be successful as you are?

Believe in your ideas and tell the world about it so that you can receive useful input from others. Do not be afraid of failure.



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